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Develop. Engage. Measure

The digital media ecosystem continues to fail marketers. The rise of ad blockers, impression, click and audience fraud, has continued to force marketers into defense mode. Much of the frustration is directed at their agencies for their lack of transparency in their involvement in the RTB / Programmatic media and data marketplaces. Opportunists have knocked the industry out of balance, and marketers continue to chase down new ways to safely and effectively capture, engage and measure their audiences and build brand awareness.  As part of this trend, brand marketers are increasingly shifting their online ad dollars to the only safe place: branded content to generate 1st party data, where audiences can be developed, secured, nurtured and utilize through the strategic use of content.

Industry leadership continues to develop associations (TAG), protocols (Ads.txt) and technology (Blockchain) to try and combat the tide of fraud and save the digital ad industry from itself, but the only way to effectively do so is to cut off the money supply for bad actors polluting the digital supply chain. For advertisers, this means demanding transparency from their partners and agencies, and for publishers it means adhering to a set of content quality standards.